Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

Kiara Earle

February’s Member of the Month at the Box is Kiara Earle. Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, by way of Norfolk, Virginia, Kiara says she’s, “still somewhat new to Memphis.” She arrived in 2016 as a Teach for America corps member, and her first assignment was teaching ESL kindergarten at Jackson Elementary. Still at Jackson, Kiara now teaches 4th grade general education. She describes herself as “a dog lover at heart, but not yet ready for that responsibility”–who makes up for it by “meeting new puppers whenever I can.” Kiara enjoys CrossFit and people watching, and her favorite flavor is red (thank goodness she didn’t say purple–does anyone like purple?).

Kiara loves making new friends and was so excited to hear she was MotM, she told us she’d buy brunch for the first ten people to introduce themselves at the Box!

Ok… maybe not. But don’t let that stop you from reading on to learn more about Kiara and saying hi when you see her at the gym.


How long have you been a member at the Box? Why did you start coming?
I have been a member at the Box since August 2016…so coming up on 2 years! I started doing CrossFit because I wanted to try something new and challenging. The Box was the first CrossFit gym I visited when I moved to Memphis, and it immediately felt like the place for me.
What do you like most about working out at the Box?

The trainers and the athletes. Since my first class, everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I feel that most of the growth I’ve made as an athlete (and Memphian) is due to those I regularly encounter at the Box.

Is there anything you’d like to change about the Box or that you think could improve (you can’t say “no more burpees”)?

NO MORE BURPEES. I said it anyway. Seriously though, I am happy with the programming. I’m that crossfitter who complains a lot, but does it anyway because I know it’s good for me. I would like opportunities for more workshops to work on gymnastic skills.
Do you have a favorite workout or movement? Least favorite?
Clean and jerks have been going really well for me lately, so it’s my favorite movement as of now. Least favorite? Well, running and rowing. I do not enjoy either but see their benefits.
What does “success” look like to you (as an athlete or in your personal life)?
When I first started, success was the number on the scale. I don’t think I had a holistic understanding of health and fitness, and wanted to get my weight down as much as possible. Now, I’m trying to distance myself from the scale and focus more on how my body feels and how I feel about my body. Success is whatever makes me feel good at the end of the day.
Do you have any long term goals? Alternatively, is there anything you’re dying to cross off your bucket list?
My gym goals just include trying to catch up to certain athletes that inspire me around the Box. Personally, I would like to be business proficient in two foreign languages and conversational in three more before the age of 35. Right now, I’m working on Japanese and Spanish.
Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
I don’t follow football, but I enjoy watching it. All I care about is a good game.
If you won the lottery–$10 million dollars–what would you do with the money?
I would continue to work. After putting away enough to live comfortably and save for my future offspring, I’d invest most of it. I would put a considerable amount of money in funding programs to fund teachers through their undergraduate and graduate degrees. I would also donate to programs providing cultural exchanges for youths 12-18 who may not have had the opportunity otherwise.
Let’s say with part of your lottery winnings you decide to buy the Box–congratulations! Because you love your coaches so much, you’re spending the first day on the job programming a “special” workout just for them. What’s the WOD? 
7RNDs for time:
400 meter run
300 burpees
200 cal row
100 seconds of rest
-Milos only-
Everyone else… waiter’s carry at Wiseacre.

Do you have a favorite cheat day meal?

An entire medium Hawaiian BBQ pizza with a six pack.

Tell us about someone who has made a difference in your life–what did you learn from them or why do you look up to them?

I can’t select just one person. The friends I made in college are my most impactful friends. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, there were seven black women who empowered me to embrace my identity in a context that didn’t necessarily celebrate it. They continue to inspire me now, and remain my close circle of friends, because of their authenticity. They live their best lives in a way only they can and inspire me to do the same.
What is the best part of being a school teacher? The worst?
The best parts are when you are working with a student for weeks and they don’t seem to be doing well, but one day they surprise you and are able to do their work all on their own. Not only are they doing their work correctly, but then they are helping other struggling students. Seeing that growth and goodwill really makes me feel like I’m doing something right. The worst is the inflexibility of our curriculum at times.
What were you like in school?

I was (mostly) intelligent, but I loved to talk all the time. I am reaping what I’ve sowed…

How should someone cheer you up on a bad day?

Be goofy with me and wait out my RBF!
If you had to choose another job, what would it be? Why?

I would love to be a program manager for a youth exchange program. It is my firm belief that we learn more about ourselves by learning about others. Also, helping others enjoy new experiences brings me great joy!

What is your favorite thing to do in Memphis?
Memphis has cultivated in me a new appreciation for craft beer. In other words, I like to drink beer. When I’m not tasting, I really like exploring art events, restaurants, and physical activities with my homies.
Do you have a favorite song lyric, quote, joke, scripture or any good words of wisdom?
I believe in progress, not perfection.
What would you say to someone hesitant about trying CrossFit?
Just do it! Get the reference? Haha, but seriously. Give it a try. Crossfit is great because it encompasses various forms of fitness and you can explore which suits you more. I like training at the Box because it’s not about competing against the person next to you. Everyone trains together because we are all working towards a goal, and it’s nice to have someone there rooting for you along the way.
Last thing, Kiara. Is there anything I didn’t ask about that you would like to share or think people ought to know about you?
These were some good questions! The last thing I’d like to share is that I’m an open person and love to meet new people. If you see me around the Box, say hi!


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